Magic Circle Law Firm – Disputes and Investigations team.


International Arbitration – Memorial, expert reports and witness statement.


Atticus helped with the efficient and comprehensive verification of a memorial and its supporting documents.


Atticus used for first time in Disputes and Investigations

As part of a high-profile international arbitration matter, the Disputes and Investigations team at Slaughter and May (led by Efstathios Michael and Peter Wickham) was involved in the preparation and verification of a number of documents including a memorial, expert reports and witness statement. Each of these documents needed to be evidenced and substantiated. 

For Slaughter and May’s Disputes and Investigations team, the strategic advantage of using Atticus was twofold. Moving from email to real-time collaboration, the platform allowed the team to verify more efficiently and contemporaneously than if they had taken a manual approach. 

Moreover, the way Atticus automatically transfers legal analysis from version-to-version enabled Slaughter and May to begin the verification exercise at a much earlier point in the drafting process, as well as review changes and amend notes as new versions were created. Both of which had time-saving benefits for the team. 

Measurable advantages aside, Giordano Magnante, Disputes & Investigations Associate praised the design of Atticus.

“Atticus is an intuitive platform – its layout enabled the team to understand an item’s status quickly as well as view our overall progress easily. This allowed the team to keep track of our position in the verification process in real-time.”

Giordano Magnante
Disputes & Investigations Associate

The future

On conclusion of the verification exercise, the team was thrilled with their experience using Atticus and is keen to take advantage of the platform on subsequent Disputes and Investigations matters. 

Emily Lew, Senior Innovation Manager at Slaughter and May, commented that the support from Atticus during the roll out of a new use case in the Disputes and Investigations context had been exemplary.