The best document review tools in the world.

Atticus builds premium tools to support professionals working in regulated environments. We have a vision to create a more trusted world of business, backed by a team and community that people love being a part of. Our document review and verification software is used by some of the world’s largest law firms and listed entities, empowering them to seamlessly fact-check documents before public disclosure. People love the Atticus platform because it reduces stress in high-pressure, high-stakes work, and because it is a delight to use—powerful, intuitive, reliable and secure.

A successful, sustainable business that’s just getting started.

We are a bootstrapped, profitable, global technology company, founded in Melbourne, Australia. Although we’re still a small team, our software is used by more than 90% of the Australian corporate legal market, 30% of UK Top 30 law firms, and companies in the ASX100 and FTSE100—and we’re just getting started.

The Atticus approach

We are intentional in our approach to business. Our company values guide us across product development, customer experience and building a high-performing and happy team.

Measure twice, cut once.

We don’t shoot from the hip. Build it once, build it right, and make sure you need to build it at all.

Stay grounded.

We start from the position that everyone has something to teach us. Be confident yet humble, and never arrogant.

Think loudly.

We communicate intentionally and honestly. It doesn’t matter what job title you have, every thought counts.

Life > Work.

We enjoy work, but we make an effort to enjoy life more.

Meet our trusted team

Thom Mackey
Chief Executive Officer
Saul Wakerman
Co-Founder / Chief Operating Officer
Mitchell Brunton
Co-Founder / Senior Software Engineer
Misha Wakerman
Co-Founder / Senior Software Engineer
Patrick Skinner
General Manager (UK and Europe)
Abbey Bell
Head of Brand Communications
Annabelle Codrington
Enterprise Account Executive (Aus and NZ)
Rob Phillips
Enterprise Account Executive (Aus and NZ)
Tahlia Zanjani
Enterprise Account Manager (Aus and NZ)
Joey Cane-Oram
Enterprise Account Manager (Aus and NZ)
Jessica Hall
Enterprise Account Manager (UK and Europe)
Salena Williams
Product Consultant (Aus and NZ)
Han Li
Product Consultant (Aus and NZ)
Max Edgson
Product Consultant (UK and Europe)
Dr. Farzan Akbaridoust
Information Security Officer
Marisa McCorkle
People Experience Specialist
Tyla Feltwell
Business Operations Manager
Nusa de Melo
Product Designer
Yoshua Wakeham
Senior Software Engineer
James Fitzsimmons
Senior Software Engineer
Nikita Rybak
Senior Software Engineer
Randal Grant
Senior Software Engineer
Dilanka Dharmawardena
Senior Platform Engineer
Wilhelm Murdoch
Senior Platform Engineer
Matthew Lawrence
Software Engineer