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A critical trust-building process

Manual verification is risky, time consuming and mundane

Verification plays a pivotal role in maintaining the integrity of a published document, ensuring that every statement, fact, figure and table is true, accurate, and not misleading. In today’s regulatory landscape, transparency and credibility are essential for businesses to establish and maintain trust with their shareholders, regulating bodies and the broader community.

Current manual document review and verification processes are putting companies, boards, and senior management at risk of regulatory and investor actions, as well as reputational damage. Manual verification is also more prone to human error, issues with document version control, and mismanagement of supporting documentation. 

Manual verification is also time consuming and mundane, contributing to increased junior lawyer churn, and burnout for corporate governance and investor relations professionals.

The new standard in verification

Atticus offers a better way to verify your most critical documents.

Our platform enables your team to collaborate during the fact-checking process in one centralised platform. Users can directly link statements to supporting evidence, and our powerful version control feature helps avoid inconsistencies by automatically transferring completed work to new versions. Atticus provides fully navigable board-ready reporting, giving directors confidence in their reviews and approvals.

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“The Atticus platform really encourages companies to take their verification process seriously. This makes the process, which itself is designed to reduce risk, much more effective.”

Simon Davidson
Corporate Partner