International law firm – Capital Markets Practice Group in Stockholm.




Baker McKenzie’s Capital Markets team in Stockholm found Atticus simplified a complex process, saving time in the verification process and reducing costs for their client.


The Baker McKenzie Capital Markets team in Stockholm has been highly active in capital markets transactions in recent years, establishing itself as a leading law firm in this area. 

The firm’s global presence has led to numerous transactions across the Nordic and Baltic regions, increasing demand for their services.

To meet this demand and improve efficiencies for both the firm and its clients, the team identified a need to implement new technologies to support existing workflows. 

Streamlining verification processes with Atticus

A recent corporate transaction, which required verification of a prospectus document, prompted the Stockholm team to pilot Atticus, document review and verification software used successfully by the firm’s UK and Australian offices.

Associate Sophie Gidlund explained that before using Atticus, verification was a manual and time-consuming process. While some initial steps were similar to those now handled by Atticus, the platform’s features enhanced the broader verification process. 

“We identified a number of early benefits of Atticus—cost savings, user-friendliness, future opportunity to increase the collaboration with our clients, and the elimination of extra work. It is an efficient tech solution to a true pain point.”

Sophie Gidlund
Associate - Baker McKenzie Capital Markets, Stockholm

“A big positive for Atticus is that people can access the most up to date version of the document and click directly to supporting sources linked to their relevant statement. This eliminates a lot of manual work,” Sophie said.

Exploring potential expansion across Baker McKenzie

“Atticus is a really good platform for legal teams working on critical documents such as prospectuses,” Sophie explained. 

“With the increasing uptake of legal technology to help improve legal services and the client experience, I can see potential for expansion of Atticus across our firm.”