Rural Funds Management Limited (RFM), manages approximately $2.2 billion of agricultural assets including the ASX listed real estate investment trust, Rural Funds Group (ASX: RFF).


Annual reports, newsletters, financial results presentations, brochures, asset tour booklets, and selected policy documents and ASX releases.


RFM is using Atticus to ensure document accuracy and streamline processes. The versatile software has empowered RFM to expand its use to a wide range of corporate documents, including brochures, ASX releases and asset tour booklets, and policy documents.


A better way to verify with Atticus

A desire to streamline processes and increase precision led to Rural Funds Management’s (RFM) adoption of Atticus for document review and verification. As a leading agricultural investment manager and Responsible Entity of an ASX-listed entity, RFM now employs Atticus across an extensive range of documents.

Previously, RFM relied on time-consuming, manual processes for fact-checking their critical documents, such as using spreadsheets and folders. Managing updates and amendments, particularly in larger publications, posed significant issues which prompted RFM to adopt Atticus.

James Powell, General Manager of Investor Relations, Corporate Affairs and Sustainability at RFM, highlighted the distinct features and functionalities of Atticus that addressed their specific pain points and provided a trusted and seamless integration.

“Atticus offers multiple verifiers, highly efficient document updates with existing verification records, side-by side viewing of documents, and support for multiple document formats. The dashboard provides us with a comprehensive overview of progress and outstanding items, ensuring accuracy by reducing the chance of errors or oversights.”

James Powell
General Manager of Investor Relations, Corporate Affairs and Sustainability, RFM

Expanding usage across documents and broadening impact

“Initially, our intended use for Atticus was limited to large projects such as biannual newsletters, financial results presentations, and the annual report,” James explained.

“We were so pleased with the benefits that we now also use it for other documents such as brochures, asset tour booklets, and selected policies and ASX releases.”

Importantly, Atticus is helping RFM mitigate risk, with their compliance team’s review of documents and publications also now more efficient.

A spotlight on ESG

RFM’s rigorous approach to verification has also extended to sustainability, which has recently gained more prominence among investors and the industry.

“We recognise the importance of verifying ESG content, treating it with equal significance as other published or announced information. Atticus provides us with the necessary functionality to uphold high verification standards in sustainability and ESG statements,” James said.

Seamless integration and adoption

Looking back at their early adoption of Atticus, James explained that implementing Atticus within RFM was a seamless process.

“It was easy to get Atticus up and running. The software is quite intuitive, and any functionality we weren’t sure about was promptly clarified. It has become such an important tool in our organisation that we have a dedicated SME to help encourage broad adoption and provide any support users may require.”

Looking forward, RFM remains dedicated to leveraging Atticus across documents to ensure published information is precise and verification is efficiently managed.