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A graphic of how verifiers use Atticus to verify disclosure documents and link to supporting documents

The best document review tools in the world

Atticus empowers the world’s biggest companies to stand behind their critical corporate responsibilities.

We provide law firms, listed companies, and funds, with verification software to fact-check critical documents before they're disclosed to market — ESG statements, annual reports, modern slavery reports, investment prospectuses, and more.

Our users love Atticus because we save them a lot of pain in high pressure, high stakes work, and because our software is a delight to use — powerful, fast, reliable, and secure.

A successful, sustainable business

Atticus is a bootstrapped, profitable, growing Melbourne-based technology startup. 

Although we're still a small team, our software is used by 80% of the Australian legal market, 30% of the UK Top 30 law firms, 30% of the ASX Top 50 — and we’re just getting started.

Since founding in 2017, we’ve grown at a VC-backed pace, without needing VC funding. It’s the startup business model people forget about: build great software that people want to buy.

A place we really want to work

We work closely together in a high-trust, high-autonomy environment of peers.

We collaborate across departments, offer and request help and feedback, and teach each other new tricks whenever we can.

If the business is doing well and our customers are happy, but we dread coming to work, then we’ve failed.

Our People

We want creative, curious, and self-driven people who are interested in building something of lasting value.

People who thrive at Atticus are likely to be humble. If you find the opportunity exciting, but aren’t quite sure whether you’re qualified or your experience is relevant, we encourage you to apply. After all, how else will you find out?

Creative and flexible

You get excited about tackling unknown problems and pitching in to help, even when you don’t quite feel like you know what you’re doing.

Natural communicator

You’re great at building relationships and getting things done with others, no matter the medium.

Measure twice, cut once

You can move fast without breaking things. Slow is smooth, and smooth is fast.

Bias toward action

When in doubt, you give something a try and see if it works.


You don’t confuse a great slide deck or elegant code for genuine user outcomes, and if you’re blocked on a process, you try other ways.

Humble and confident

You speak as though you’re right, and listen as though you’re wrong.

Our Experiences

We value open-minded, open-hearted teams who reflect diverse experiences and perspectives. People who have these qualities will have very different resumes, so we don’t index highly on specific qualifications or experience. We have noticed some heuristics, though — below are some unusual things we’ve seen in common across the brilliant people we’ve worked with here and elsewhere.

If you’ve got even one of these things in common, are particularly interested in what we’re doing, and are excited at the chance to be an early joiner at a rapidly growing company, we’d be happy for the chance to meet you, tell you more about Atticus, and talk about how you could help us now and in the future.

A lot of people you’ve worked with before have tried to work with you again.
You grew up on a farm, or in a country town.
You’ve been at a top-tier management consultancy (e.g. BCG, Bain, McKinsey), but quickly hated it and left.
You have a degree in pure maths, physics, or biology, that you’ve never really used, possibly from a university nobody in Australia has ever heard of.
You somehow end up in charge of almost anything you get involved in, whether you like it or not.
You’ve got some quietly extraordinary achievement under your belt, like competing at an elite level in a weird sport, writing a novel, or hand-building an engine from scratch.
You’re still not sure you would be suitable for Atticus, even though you meet one or more of the other things on this list.


Generous remuneration

We pride ourselves on being able to offer great packages for great people. We’re not asking anyone to take a pay cut to work at a startup.

Stock options

Every offer includes equity on top of base salary — it’s important to us that our people align with and share in the success of the business.

Extra time off

Five weeks of paid annual leave, to take at your leisure.

Generous parental leave

Four months (16 weeks) of paid parental leave for both primary and secondary carers.

Home office setup

Generous allowance on commencement to invest in a good monitor, chair, or other equipment you need. You’ll also be supplied with a new MacBook Pro or MacBook Air.

Remote friendly

We’re committed to building a successful hybrid workplace. Those of us in Melbourne work from our dog-friendly Collingwood office anywhere from one to five days a week. The rest of us work from all over the world, including London, Toronto, Perth, the Surf Coast, and the Sunshine Coast.

Output, not hours

All of us make time every day to walk the dog, do the school run, or go for a surf — and we turn off Slack after hours. If we work late to help a user in the UK or to squash a bug that’s been causing us headaches, we’ll start late the next morning.

Our Roles

We’re always looking to work with other people who care about making things that really help people, and are great fun to work with.

We have opportunities in product (development, design, management & ownership), growth, marketing, branding, user training & adoption, business operations from office ops to finance—and everything between.

If you’re interested in working at Atticus, but don’t know where you’d fit, please reach out at

Quote marks for an Atticus case study
Being part of a highly collaborative team that cares about building software that solves a real problem is one of my favourite things about working at Atticus.
— Nusa de Melo, Product Designer