A new standard in

Pens down. Atticus provides law firms and their clients with a platform they need to complete verifications securely, efficiently and accurately.

We were impressed with the efficiency that Atticus provided and felt more secure with the verification work that was being performed. Atticus is the future of verifications.
John Hutchinson, Partner
Atticus offers the utopian solution for legal verification: a powerful tool that is simple to adopt and use.
Catherine James, General Counsel & Company Secretary
Atticus ensures that the verification process is conducted efficiently, allowing transactions to proceed to conclusion faster.
James Dickson, Partner

Setting the new standard globally

A new standard

Atticus empowers lawyers to focus on the legal issues, and automates away the busy work.

A unique platform that streamlines the verification process at every stage: from boxing-up and assigning tasks, to producing beautiful verification reports ready for review.


Let Atticus do the grunt work, so you can focus on what matters. Atticus identifies material statements and boxes up in seconds.


Atticus ensures your team is always verifying the latest version and can instantly surface a statement's supporting materials for review.


Respect your inbox. There are better ways to work together. Atticus enables teams and external advisors to collaborate in real time, in one place.


Prevent bottlenecks during the verification process using the live dashboard. Then instantly generate verification reports designed for rapid review.

Intuitive design. Built by lawyers.

Great software makes life easier, not harder. Atticus is intuitive and flexible enough to work with any existing verification workflow.

Securing your data is our first priority

Access control

Atticus lets you control who has access to view and modify your data.

Data sovereignty

Atticus keeps your data in your country protected by your laws.

Encrypted at rest,
encrypted in motion

All data is encrypted while at rest and in transit with bank level 256-bit encryption.

Externally tested,
internally monitored

Our systems undergo regular vulnerability assessments from external security experts and are actively monitored 24/7.

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