March 28, 2024
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Our team had a fantastic two days at the Sustainability Leaders Summit, held in Melbourne on March 6-7 2024.

A special thanks to Anna Stewart, Head of Sustainability Governance and Engagement at Coles Group, and Troy Powell Head of Sustainability at Orica, for joining our CEO, Thom Mackey on stage for our panel discussion titled ‘The new era of rigour: Practices for credible and robust disclosures’. 

In the discussion, we learned how these two sustainability leaders approach the new mandatory reporting standards and the practical ways they support disclosure rigour within their teams. We heard how Troy champions a culture where ‘disclosure drives performance’ at Orica, enabled by director understanding programs and capability uplift workshops. Anna reinforced the importance of collaborative ownership over sustainability reporting and discussed how to leverage the right colleagues to ensure it’s always on the corporate agenda. 

Unsurprisingly, sustainability reporting was a prominent theme across both days of the Sustainability Leaders Summit. Leaders from sectors spanning retail, energy, hospitality, construction, and more all emphasised the dramatic shift in internal capabilities required to meet the standards. Social impact, environment, and climate teams will have to collaborate—and even integrate— with risk, legal, and finance capabilities to adapt to the demands of the new era of rigour.

New skillsets, processes, and tools will undoubtedly be necessary to facilitate this increased level of collaboration and compliance. 

We’re looking forward to seeing how sustainability leaders across the country take on the new reporting challenge as a driver for better quality reporting, disclosure transparency, and ultimately more positive, sustainable change within their organisations and communities.