May 24, 2023
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Atticus was founded out of a passion for building good tools, and a deep understanding of a painful problem. Since 2017, we have been laser focused on execution—striving to make world class products that impact tightly regulated, high-stakes domains. 

That heads-down focus meant that we looked up one day recently and realised Atticus has come a long way. Our business has virtually tripled each year. Our team is eight times bigger, with Atticans in seven time zones. Hundreds of law firms and businesses across the globe trust Atticus daily with their highest-stakes work. Regulators and company directors ask for Atticus as a standard of quality and trust. Our users are finding new ways to use Atticus, above and beyond the original problem we set out to solve.

It’s fair to say we’ve outgrown our baby feathers. It’s time for our adult plumage.

Bringing our brand to life


Entering the rebrand process, we felt our previous visual identity represented neither who we’ve become nor who we aspire to be. We sought a brand that authentically represents the way our users feel about our product.

Drawing inspiration from the history of literature and publishing, the identity pays homage to the conventions of newspapers and magazines. The vibrant highlighter motif evokes a sense of rigour and review, reminiscent of the language used in editing, while reflecting the core features of our software.

We take great pride in the evolution of our beloved bird icon, cherished by customers and our team alike. The new logo embodies several key concepts: the check mark symbolises verification and approval, while the open book alludes to the nature of working on a document.

The renewed Atticus brand has been meticulously crafted by Primary Works. We are thankful for the support of Founder and Creative Director Ross Paxman and his talented team for their expert guidance and creativity in delivering a brand we are truly proud of. 

Taking flight

We remain laser focused on building world class software that solves real problems, but there’s still a lot of work to do. Our business, and team, is still growing at a rate of knots.

Our aspirations are growing accordingly.