Can Atticus be used by companies of all sizes?

Yes. We support companies of all sizes with their verifications; from two-person law firms through to $175bn+ listed companies. We cater for this range by offering both Pay-As-You-Go and Annual Subscription pricing plans.

What countries can Atticus be used in?

Any. Our verification software is used across five continents, including verifiers in the USA, UK, Australia, Hong Kong, The Netherlands, Singapore, China, India, South Africa, Germany, Israel, Japan, France, New Zealand & Canada.

I’m a lawyer. Are costs disbursable to my clients?

Yes. We’ve devised our pricing plan in a way that all pricing options include detailed reports that allow for accurate and transparent disbursement of Atticus usage to the law firms’ clients.

I’m a listed company. How does Atticus support Integrated Reporting?

Excellently. Investor Relations and Company Secretary teams across the globe are using Atticus's verification software to increase investor confidence in the accuracy of information being disclosed to them.

How much does Atticus cost?

To ensure everyone feels they receive a fair price, we give everyone the same rate sheet; which we provide after a product demo. Why not Request a Demo and see how Atticus can streamline your verification processes.


How much time can I save by verifying on Atticus?

Our customers have run comparison tests between manual verification methods (usually involving Excel & Email) and Atticus’s verification software. Like-for-like, Atticus reduces the time it takes to verify disclosure documents by 60%.

Is it easy to learn how to use & onboard Atticus?

Yes, very. New users regularly describe Atticus as having ‘almost no learning curve’. We often have new users who go from initial product demo to their first verification on the same day. As a minimum, every new customer receives two onboarding sessions. Additionally, Atticus offers in-platform video tutorials, how-to-guides, click-through-tutorials and a chat function with our tech team.

What happens when the verification document is updated?

Atticus allows you to maintain strict and efficient version control of the verification document, saving hours of time by avoiding endless email threads and version confusion. In Atticus, all verifiers verify the same version, at the same time. Request a Demo to see how Atticus works.

Security & IT

How does Atticus deal with Data Sovereignty?

Atticus operates a number of different AWS stacks/instances across the world. This means that data processed by an Australian customer can be stored in Australia, and  with the UK, etc.

Do I need to install anything and how secure is Atticus?

No. Atticus is cloud-based and accessible through your internet browser. We use best-in-class AWS and have passed every InfoSec review, including those of  major banks, global law firms and companies with market caps of $175bn+.

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