Leading independent Australian law firm.


Capital markets transactions.


Atticus has been integrated into business as usual for Lander & Rogers capital markets team, increasing collaboration with their clients and reducing risks and delays during the verification process.


A game-changing solution

Leading independent Australian law firm Lander & Rogers has entered their fifth consecutive year using document review and verification software Atticus, with the tool now used for verification on any material capital markets transaction. 

Simon Davidson, Corporate Partner at Lander & Rogers, explained his team was instantly attracted to Atticus because it solved a true pain point.

“Anyone who has manually verified a prospectus knows how painful and unsatisfactory the old processes were. We could very quickly see that Atticus would be a game changer,” he said.

“The fact that the software includes features such as being able to upload new versions while retaining the historical verification notes showed us that the founding team had really thought about how to make the process better. 

“We find the software also makes it easier to engage with our clients on the verification process. We can see in real time where they have got to, and we can make real time comments to assist them in the process. All the benefits also result in a substantial time and cost saving.”

A non-negotiable tool

Since implementing the Atticus software in 2018, it has become a business as usual tool for the capital markets team, helping their clients meet their transaction goals more efficiently. Simon explained the improved accuracy and timesaving benefits enable them to provide a premium service for clients.

“In addition to simplifying the process and reducing the risk of error, using the Atticus platform really encourages companies to take their verification process seriously. This makes the process, which itself is designed to reduce risk, much more effective,” Simon said.

“Atticus is now a non-negotiable for any material capital markets transaction for us.”

Simon Davidson
Corporate Partner

Solving a real problem

Lander & Rogers are a progressive law firm with a focus on staying ahead of trends in legal technology. With strong expertise in the sector, they run their own LawTech Hub which brings lawyers and entrepreneurs together to develop and enhance transformative legal technology. 

“We believe that the biggest single ingredient for successful legal tech is to focus on the user problem, not the tech. We see many great tech products where the developers love the products rather than solving the problem,” Simon said.

“What we found with Atticus was that they had a clear understanding of the pain point and what needed to be solved, as they had experienced it first hand.  This customer focus has served them well in their product development.”