ASX50 Company – Real Estate.


Product Disclosure Statement (PDS), Annual Reports, Results, Investor Presentations, and Information Memorandums.


 Dexus adopted Atticus more for their corporate reporting after using it to successfully verify a complex portfolio transaction.  


Meeting a critical deadline

Dexus is one of Australia’s leading fully integrated real asset groups, managing a high-quality Australasian real estate and infrastructure portfolio valued at $62.3 billion. With a plethora of reporting requirements across their business, Scott Mahony, the company’s Head of Governance said their board and investors have always known the importance of verification. 

Their previously manual process, including working with multiple documents, printing, highlighting and filing versions for review, was known to be a cumbersome exercise. Scott explained his team was already investigating Atticus when they had an urgent requirement to verify a complex property portfolio transaction, which required the issuance of key documents for consideration of investors.

“It was imperative that the information contained in the documents was accurate and fully verified before being issued,” Scott said. 

“The transaction was time critical. It was unlikely we could have been able to complete verification in the timeframe we had. Fortunately we had already commenced discussions with Atticus and I firmly believe we wouldn’t have met the tight deadline had we not used the Atticus verification software.”

“We want our people focused on providing quality verification for these key documents, and given our focus on continuous improvement and workplace efficiencies, we needed a solution. We found Atticus!” 

Scott Mahony
Head of Governance

Expanding use across the business

The Dexus team now uses Atticus to verify all Information Memoranda, Notices of Meetings, Investor Presentations and Annual and half year results. 

“I would say that using Atticus has halved the time it takes to verify key documents. This includes the time taken for the team to verify statements through to monitoring performed by Compliance,” Scott said.

“Atticus has allowed us to give our people a significant portion of their time back.  The training offered was well received, but as a software offering, it’s pretty intuitive. 

“Our users also like that they can quickly and easily file a document for statements allocated to them and what’s left to be verified. Compliance can easily test the validity and appropriateness of documents used for verification and return any entries that require further documentary support.”

Building a partnership

Scott explained that from the team’s first meeting with Atticus, he was certain it was the software they needed.

“The Atticus team is genuinely open to receiving feedback and improving their offering. We saw it as a partnership and that’s how it has turned out,” he said. 

When asked if Scott would recommend Atticus to other corporate entities looking for a document review and verification platform: 

“It saves time and I take comfort in knowing that the verification process is as robust as it should be.”